The Ashcake Volunteer Fire Department was established August 30,1960, by Mr. Edgar Bowles. The community held a meeting at Ashcake Vol. Rescue Squad, after having 2 recent fires at that time, bringing the realization that closer fire protection was needed. During this meeting, the name was chosen and it was further discussed that money would be needed to fund the department. Forces were joined with the AVRS and members looked into land for a fire station to be built. In September of 1960, the 2nd meeting was held to determine leadership for the agency. The executive office included Mr. Robert L. Putze (President), Mr. H. P. Chewning (Vice President), Mrs. R. B. Mitchell (Secretary), and Mrs. Perkins Catlett (Treasurer).

In the months ahead, there was discussion over an one acre lot on Patrick Henry Blvd, that seemed most appealing for a new fire station. There was also much deliberation over a name change, which ended up as the Henry Volunteer Fire Department. In March of 1961, our members shadowed the Hanover Courthouse Vol. Fire Department, until the station got on its feet.

•May 1961: 1st Fire Chief was elected, Guy Goodrich, with Asst. Chief Lem Mingee.
•After many meetings, land on Patrick Henry Blvd was purchased for $1,000 from Mrs. Edwards of Rt 301. Materials were procured, bringing the building to life, including a house siren that could be heard for a radius of approximately 3 miles. The was used to alert volunteers of a call.
•August 21,1963: 1st meeting in the new fire house. It was announced that a 1952 Chevrolet Fire Engine with
a 752 gallon water capacity was being readied for the department by the Rockville Vol. Fire Department.  This began our annual fundraising of selling Christmas trees.
•1964: The first calendar year, HVFD totaled 10 house fire calls, 2 car fires, 25 field fires, and 9 "other" calls for a total loss of property equaling $70,000.Our first tanker, 1,300 gallon capacity was also purchased; and was refurbished by the volunteers.
•1965: Military Jeep was acquired for a brush firefighting vehicle. The same year, HVFD also sponsored a Boy Scout Troop and began a junior volunteer fire cadet program for ages 13-17. Junior members were not allowed to ride or drive any apparatus.
•1967: Our first chaplain, Rev. David F. Jarvis II, was elected.
•1968: Received our first brand new fire truck. Pumper truck was designated as radio call sign 6-1. And won 1st place in its first parade the same year.
•1970: An old gas truck was refurbed into a 1,500 gallon truck. This became 6-6.  From 1973-1975 the members also acquired tools needed for apparatus including, "The Jaws of Life." Our 1st aerial ladder truck, 65-feet and 500 gallon water capacity with fire pumps, was purchased at an auction from the Chesterfield Fire Department. Those assigned to ride this piece of apparatus were designated with red helmets. A salvage vehicle was purchased from West End Vol. Rescue Squad for $1.00 to used as a crash truck.
•1975: Santa Runs started during the holiday season. And are still a tradition at this present time.
•1976: Aerial 6 and crash truck were utilized in the movie "Roller Coaster" which was filmed at Kings Dominion.
•1978: Our current CJ7 Jeep was purchased, and is still in service today. In the late 1970's the state developed a standardized program for firefighting. March of 1980, 3 members passed this training course.
•1983: The department became incorporated. In August, the department took possession of a new tanker truck with a 5 man cab.
•1986: E-6 was involved in a crash while responding to a call. The engine rolled 1.5 times and 4 firefighters were injured. Our engine was sent off to Seagrave for repairs and came back in early 1987 also with a new 100-ft Seagrave ladder truck.
•May 17,1992: Doors open to new station at its current location.
•Starting in the 1990's the county implemented our combination department, made up of career & volunteers. We also began to see an influx in medical calls, so equipment for those needs were added to apparatus. Hanover Fire/EMS Department was also formed.
•1998: Truck 6, 100-ft 48-ft long, aerial platform was purchased and is currently still in service.
•September 11, 2001: Our country was brought to its knees by the terrorist attacks on NY. In response to this Homeland Security implemented National Incident Management System (NIMS) so that everyone used the same radio practices. Type your paragraph here.


Henry Volunteer Fire Department